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  • Our Mission and Philosophy

    As educators, we have a moral obligation to prevent the exploitation of high school students, but instead to prepare them for success in a changing world. Our mission, therefore, is to provide a quality alternative High School Programme and a unique College Preparation Programme aimed at catering to the intellectual, physical, social, emotional and moral growth and development of our student clientele in partnership with our NPA families. These vital facets of lifelong learning will be articulated via individualized instruction and the inculcation of wholesome study habits, ethical personal, social and civic responsibility, because when the game ends and the glory fades, only educated students will be the ultimate winners. Thus we seek not only to provide our students with rigorous preparation for college, but also to inspire them to strive for the highest quality of citizenship.

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  • Departments and Programs

    NPA is accredited by Niagara College, therefore, underprepared college students may accelerate their progress through developmental education and on to transfer-level college courses. Niagara College is a well recognized College with quality education that will prepare students for  meaningful employment, healthy personal and family relationships and participation in the life of their communities.

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  • Registration and Financial Information

    The first step in the registration process is the completion of an application. All interested persons must complete an application for admission.

    Administration determines the dates for entrance exams for prospective students. The entrance exam is the second part of the admissions process. A one-hundred dollars ($100) application fee and a two-hundred and fifty dollars ($250) for development and seat fees are required of all new students. These fees also apply to students who withdrew from the school and wish to re-enroll.

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  • Great Advancement Opportunities

    The Study at Niagara College Support Program is a customized service, which will cater to the individual need of persons going abroad to study. Persons will be provided with a package that will address their specific requirements and interests. The aim is to reduce the level of uncertainty and unnecessary expenses when leaving to go abroad. NPA has assisted with over 35 students since 2008 to obtain entrance and a quality education at Niagara College.

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Our Mission

To provide an alternative learning programme, which commits itself to the intellectual, social, academic, and moral growth of our nation’s young men and women

At Noble, students pursue their goals in an environment that values diversity, individuality, mutual respect and discipline.

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