President’s Message

In the beginning I embarked upon a mission that was at the time only a dream, operating with just a vision, seeing farther than my eyes could see. Long before any championships were accomplished,edged in my heart was the vision for Noble Preparatory Academy. The need for the Institution was conceived from the desire to take the student- athletes further than any other program could. While other institutions only stifled the growth of our youths, I was determined to take my players and my program to levels that were unheard of, to arrive to where we are now.

My relationship with prestigious educational institutions existed almost from conception and continues on today with many of my students going on to further their academic and athletic pursuits, these and various other accomplishments serves as proof that students have benefits from these affiliations and through the Noble Preparatory Academy would definitely continue to benefit from the successes and the challenges experienced over the years.

Mr. Geno Bullard
President, NPA Ltd.