Post Graduate Program

Bridging The Gap Betweeen Athletics & Education

When the game ends and the glory fades educated students will be the ultimate winners

- Delroy Grandison

The basketball program at NPA is set up to promote improvement and achievement. We currently offer a Post Graduate opportunity for student-athletes looking to improve either academically, athletically, and/or socially. Graduated seniors looking to continue their playing careers and increase opportunities to earn a college scholarship are eligible to participate in the Post Graduate program as well as transfers looking to earn additional credits for eligibility.

Taking a Post Graduate year to prepare yourself for college is a wise decision. It could be the difference in making sure you are prepared academically to be successful in the classroom. Here you will learn the study, comprehension, time management, research and writing skills necessary to achieve success in college. Academically student-Athletes will enroll in Niagara College prep courses and will be monitored closely. Remember, you want to make the most of your opportunities as your education will be a value to you long after your playing days are over. We take academics seriously and encouraged student-athletes to give their best effort in the classroom.

We are building a brand. We are looking for committed student athletes that understand that this is an investment and your time here is not to be wasted but seized. With the right attitude and effort, this opportunity can provide you with the tools necessary to be successful in life.

Post Graduate Student Athletes