College Placement

Mr. Bullard  explaining the opportunities in Niagara College
Geno Bullard & Parents

Noble Preparatory Academy Inc. is an organization devoted to empowering and informing individuals to make better choices regarding their education and career. Noble Preparatory Inc. is guided by the philosophy that information is a powerful and priceless tool and when distributed correctly can bring about great benefits. This organization will be future home to a number of developmental programs aiming to enhance the experience of those currently pursuing or thinking about pursuing a tertiary education as well as those about to enter the world of work.

Why Choose NPA Inc. College Placement?

  • No large books to look through! We offer personalized services to persons interested in studying abroad.
  • We are the only agency of this kind in the region and we have helped persons throughout the Caribbean find suitable Colleges/Universities.
  • We have a team of persons who all have first-hand experience when it comes to preparing to study abroad.
  • We are readily available to listen and provide advice to any questions you may have.
  • We are constantly updated on new programs and possible sources of funding for international students.
  • We prepare and integrate students into Niagara College, through our college prep program.
  • We are official recruiters for Niagara College, Ontario Canada.