College Prep Program

Head Start Program

This program is the bridge or transitional phase between High School and College. It gives participants a Head Start in the interim. In additional to College-prep courses, students will be able to take lower-division college-level courses , credits for which will be transferrable into Niagara College.

Niagara College will recognize and give full credit and value to all high school diplomas granted by Noble Preparatory Academy and will in consequence of that recognition accept into its own degree programs any student who holds a high school diploma from Noble Preparatory Academy.

Students will complete a high school diploma while simultaneously earning college credits, progressing toward an associate’s degree or certificate. Beginning in a small learning environment and quickly transitioning to classes with adult learners, students receive intensive support from instructors. Students that have completed their high school education are preparing on how to succeed in college.

NPA is accredited by Niagara College, therefore, underprepared college students may accelerate their progress through developmental education and on to transfer-level college courses. Niagara College is a well recognized College with quality education that will prepare students for  meaningful employment, healthy personal and family relationships and participation in the life of their communities

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