Special Programs

Special programs will include joint initiatives with the Ministry of Education and Sports in Havana Cuba which is also a part of our college preparation program. Scholarships are available through our program for all graduating students who would wish to study in any sporting field such as Sports Physiotherapy, Physical Education etc.


Head Start Program –

  • Our Head Start Program that collaborates with Niagara College will also include scheduled campus tours of Niagara College. Scholarships will also be available for the top athletic and academic students.

    Alternative Learning Program –

  • This program will give young men the attention and the support they need to succeed, and that they often do not receive in the traditional school system.
Immersion Program –

  • Foreign Language students will be able to spend scheduled periods in Spanish and French speaking countries in the wake of strengthening their foreign language proficiency.

Twinning Program –

  • A Twinning Program will be initiated between NPA and Ridley College facilitating networking, student and faculty exchange programs.

Work Attachments –

  • Work Attachments will provide students with hands-on experience in their field of choice.