Special Service

NPA  Alternative Learning Program

Our mission is to provide an alternative learning programme, which commits itself to the intellectual, social, academic, and moral growth of our nation’s young men.

Our commitment to youth development over the past years has pushed us in the direction to offer more assistance to greater number of young adult men through the dream of NPA.

We will also provide young adult men between the ages 16-21 with enlightening alternatives. Our personal goal is to prevent or discourage young men from going into society without the basic educational needs that are required in both their professional and personal lives.

We truly believe that everyone deserves a second chance. An Alternative education programme like NPA  will give young men the attention and the support they need to succeed, and that they often do not receive in the traditional school system. Before our nation’s young men could make progress on their academic goals, they need someone to understand their life situations, be willing to prod them on, and have faith in them.

We will create individualized environments in order to reconnect and reengage out-of-school men providing them with an opportunity to achieve in a different setting using different and innovative learning methods, with dedicated teachers that would be committed to the academic growth of young men ranging from ages of 16-21.

High school dropouts, violent teenagers, are critical issues for the social and economic well-being of our nation. This programme would encourage our youths and give them the ability to academically achieve, or to get on a pathway to achieve, the academic credentials they need to transition to post-secondary education or employment

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